The High Cost of Diabetes Management and Treatment

The High Cost of Diabetes Management and Treatment

Treatment of any kind is bound to have a cost to it. Sometimes a very high cost. Diabetes management and treatment is no stranger to that. It is expensive. An article on the NIDDK website tells us that according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the average cost of health care for a person with diabetes is $13,741 a year! That is more than double the cost of health care for people who do not suffer from diabetes. A great majority of those who do have diabetes need assistance paying for their care. If you or someone who you know needs this assistance, please visit to find access to many resources to help relieve the burden of paying for blood glucose testing supplies. If you have excess diabetic testing supplies and would like to earn cash from them to help supplement other diabetes costs, request your free mail kit today at We are ready to send you fast cash for those unused and unexpired diabetic test strips.

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