Loyalty Program



  1. 1. How does the loyalty bonus work?

The loyalty bonus is an extra payout rewarded to those that come back to us again and again to sell their diabetic supplies and test strips. This our way of saying, “Thank You!” for your trust and continual business.

  1. 2. How much is the bonus?

The loyalty bonus depends on the total monetary amount of the testing supplies that you have sold to Moneyforstrips.com. You will receive your first bonus of $20.00 once you have sold us at least $250 worth of supplies and then will incrementally increase your bonus by $10 each level until a max payout bonus of $50.00. A $50.00 bonus will then be paid out each $250 you send thereafter! See the structure example below for a better understanding.

$250.00 sold = $20 bonus

$500.00 sold = $30 bonus

$750.00 sold = $40 bonus

$1,000.00 sold = $50 bonus

$1,000 + each $250 sold = $50 bonus every time.

  1. 3. When is my loyalty bonus paid?

The loyalty bonus should automatically be included in your payout of the latest shipment that breaks each of the $250 incremental levels. Please contact us or refer to your payment history to check on how much you need to sell to us to make your next bonus.