Frequently Asked Questions



  1. 1. When will I receive my money?

In most instances you will receive your check within 10 days from the time we receive your test strips and have agreed upon the official quote. It takes about 3 business days for your Priority Mail package to be delivered to us and then we will process your order within two business days and mail out your check. From that point should receive your check within 2 to 7 days depending on your location via the U. S. Postal Service. If you chose to be paid via Paypal then you will be paid within 2 business days of receiving your test strips if the official quote is agreed upon.

  1. 2. How do I find out the status of my package or check?

You can always check the status of your order and its progress by inputting your Order Tracking Number and Zip Code at the upper right hand corner of this site or you can call support at 1-800-608-6910. You should have also received a USPS tracking # via email for the package you mailed your Test Strips in.

  1. 3. Why don’t you accept opened boxes? The Test Strips are still intact in the plastic tubes.

Although you may have not compromised the number of test strips within the tubes or damaged them, we have no way to verify that they haven’t been tampered with and therefore cannot accept them.

  1. 4. Is it legal to sell my extra diabetic testing supplies?

Diabetic Test Strips & Lancets are an over-the-counter medical supply and therefore completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription.

  1. 5. What do you do with the Diabetic Test Strips?

Unfortunately, there are many of those that can’t afford the high retail cost of Diabetic Test Strips either because they don’t have sufficient insurance or they are not covered for it. It is our goal to supply very affordable diabetic supplies to these needy people with your help.

  1. 6. Why do you pay so much less than the cost at the Store?

We are not a retail business, but resell most of our product to clientele who are covered with little to no insurance whatsoever. Our business looks to service their needs by providing most affordable test strips and other diabetic supplies on the market. This creates a win-win scenario since you can provide them with much needed supplies that you no longer need, while putting some money in your pocket at the same time. We all say “Thank you!”

  1. 7. How do I get paid via Paypal?

When you submit your quote or when you send us your supplies, you need to give us your verified Paypal email that is associated with the account you want us to send your money. We then will promptly transfer payment to your account within two business days from the time we receive your order and have verified it.

  1. 8. How do I cash in on the 110% Online Price Match Guarantee?

Simply send us the link to the site that purchases the test strips for a better price and once we have verified the source we will pay you 10% more than what they offer. They must be in the same business of purchasing extra diabetic test strips and not a retail store or site. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information.